Animal Welfare & Islamic Law.

Poor misinterpretation of the Quran and ignorance has led to the world witnessing a lot of animal abuse cases in the Muslim community.


World Wildlife Day, Fighting for Space.

I was of course terrified since my knowledge of good and evil had started to kick in and as a good Christian I knew snakes were the most vile of God’s creatures.

Tick-Bite Paralysis in Dogs

One of the most devastating conditions you can ever watch your fur friend go through is paralysis; which may be mild or severe depending on the underlying cause. The most common form of paralysis in dogs, however, is paraplegia which is basically when your dog is unable to move its hind limbs. Other forms of …

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The Cat-flu.

Am not a cat person but I found myself loving these mysterious creatures when I first adopted my very own purr buddy  about five years ago. I must say, its been a wonderful journey ever since. I didn't think much about his medical needs for example vaccinations and deworming until he fell sick with the …

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De-Horning 101.

"Hope, do you want to give it a try?” Dr. Mwangi, our ambulatory rotation lecturer on duty that week handed me the wire saw. From the looks of it, dehorning needed muscle, and the only muscle I was blessed with was my gastrocnemius aka “mazgwembe”. Yet I was not going to say no, my ego …

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A Cat-a-strophe.

A wise man once said, " those who play with cats, must expect to be scratched."  This statement reminds me of the first time I handled a cat at the KSPCA, Mombasa, keeping in mind that cats are very popular there. My supervisor at the time, Dr. Peter Gitau took me through all the steps …

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The Laikipia rabies vaccination campaign 2017  kicked off on the 2nd of November at the Mpala research center in Laikipia, Kenya. The first weekend of vaccination was held at Il Motiok and Kimanjo centers. The team was divided into six groups each composed of two qualified veterinarians and three students. The veterinarian work was to vaccinate …