Fracture management

I've heard people say that a fracture is one of the most painful conditions one can ever experience. I've never really experienced a fracture (nor do I wish to experience one) but I have experienced a patella subluxation and if there is a worse pain than that then I would rather go by other peoples … Continue reading Fracture management

Animals in Disasters 

When disaster strikes, the consequences are devastating to the people who depend on these animals for food, as a source of income or for companionship. They could be trapped in forest fires, injured from a collapsed building, drowning, starving or buried in a mud slide. Disasters whether natural or man-made do not choose whom to … Continue reading Animals in Disasters 

Donkeys in trouble. 

Recently, the Kenyan government through the amendment of the Meat Control Act gave a leeway to the slaughter and consumption of donkey meat. The meat, which is meant for export to mainly asian countries where donkey meat (among other weird things) is a delicacy often finds itself in the local market. The slaughterhouse is owned … Continue reading Donkeys in trouble. 

New Found Love for Goats.

Every veterinarian has a particular species they tend to prefer over the others. For some it's dogs for others it's camels and for most it's cows. This scale of preference is greatly influenced by exposure to a particular species, most veterinarians will tend towards a particular species because they have been exposed in terms of … Continue reading New Found Love for Goats.

Transport of animals.

The transport of animals, whether by sea, land or air should be done in a manner that does not cause pain and suffering. Animals should not be overcrowded in a lorry, train or any other vessel used to transport them.  Just like humans, they do like to have their personal space. Therefore, animals that are … Continue reading Transport of animals.

Donkey Love

Branded as the beast of burden,  the donkey is the most under appreciated and misunderstood domestic animal. Personally I love donkeys, I come from the part of Kenya where donkeys travel kilometers carrying four yellow jerrycans on its back, and to show my appreciation for this animal I would like to emphasize on the good … Continue reading Donkey Love

African Rainbow Locust

They say that the most beautiful snakes are also the most venomous. This post however, is not about snakes but locusts. I got a chance to see one of the most beautiful insects despite the fact that am not such a huge fan of bugs. The African rainbow locust, or more scientifically Phymateus viridipes displays … Continue reading African Rainbow Locust