Save our Donkeys.

Is Kenya ready for the trade in donkeys? Kenya, like other African countries was not well prepared for the Chinese appetite for donkey meat and skin and is now facing the consequences. Donkey theft is on the rise due to the increasing demand which has raised the market price for donkeys. Consequently animal rights activists … Continue reading Save our Donkeys.

Sunday School Lessons about Animal welfare. 

“A righteous man has regard for the life of his animal…” There are many lessons to pick from the Bible and animal welfare is one them. I have heard people argue that we have been given power over all animals on earth and even go ahead to quote the particular scripture from the Bible, and … Continue reading Sunday School Lessons about Animal welfare. 

Donkeys in trouble. 

Recently, the Kenyan government through the amendment of the Meat Control Act gave a leeway to the slaughter and consumption of donkey meat. The meat, which is meant for export to mainly asian countries where donkey meat (among other weird things) is a delicacy often finds itself in the local market. The slaughterhouse is owned … Continue reading Donkeys in trouble.