Bad Neighbors 

“I think my neighbor poisoned my dog!”  I have never quite understood why this is the most favorite excuse clients give whenever their pets get sick suddenly, perhaps it’s the animosity they have for their neighbors or vice versa. I also tend to think that this animosity comes about because of the constant barking from … Continue reading Bad Neighbors 

Things to Consider Before Getting a Pet. 

So you just moved out into your own space and thinking of getting a pet to cure the loneliness that comes with new spaces. What will determine your choice of the ideal pet is completely dependent on your preferences. Pets have been with us for centuries and even though our relationship was not as close, … Continue reading Things to Consider Before Getting a Pet. 

Effects Of Dog Breeding Through The Years

Can we just take some time to talk about dog breeding and the direction it is headed. Humans have been breeding dogs for over a century and the results are deleterious. At first dog breeding was meant to maintain or improve certain traits such as strength and intelligence, sadly, dog breeding has turned into a … Continue reading Effects Of Dog Breeding Through The Years

Fracture management

I've heard people say that a fracture is one of the most painful conditions one can ever experience. I've never really experienced a fracture (nor do I wish to experience one) but I have experienced a patella subluxation and if there is a worse pain than that then I would rather go by other peoples … Continue reading Fracture management

Senior Citizens… Our Unspoken Heroes.

Please allow me to tell you the story of Jazmine, or as we like to call her, Jazz. Jazz was a young bitch just above a year old when she was brought into the University clinic for a simple spay procedure. The owners, two heavily built men clad in crispy black suits with black shades … Continue reading Senior Citizens… Our Unspoken Heroes.

KAWAN Animal Grooming Day

Kenya Animal Welfare Advocacy Network popularly known as (KAWAN) held their annual Animal Grooming day on the 15th of March 2017. Students at the University of Nairobi got to experience the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to grooming animals but most importantly they got to learn. Grooming animals is an important … Continue reading KAWAN Animal Grooming Day

Downside of a Vet. 

If you were terminally ill and couldn't speak, would you allow your family to put you down or would you allow them to live in the hope that miracles happen? Every proffesion has its own ups and downs.  As a veterinarian, my worst day is when I have to euthanize my patient because of reasons … Continue reading Downside of a Vet.