I was of course terrified since my knowledge of good and evil had started to kick in and as a good Christian I knew snakes were the most vile of God’s creatures.


You can never get too tired of admiring an elephant in it's natural environment.  Let's protect our heritage. #handsoffourelephants 

"A wild animal that has tasted human blood will not stop killing until it is hunted down and killed" this is what the maasai warriors believe. Is it true, or is just a mere cultural belief. Before you dismiss it,  remember that the maasai have coexisted with wild animals for a very long time. The... Continue Reading →

“A righteous man has regard for the life of his animal…” There are many lessons to pick from the Bible and animal welfare is one them. I have heard people argue that we have been given power over all animals on earth and even go ahead to quote the particular scripture from the Bible, and... Continue Reading →

They say monogamy is costly because it requires one to place their entire reproductive investment on the fitness of their partner, more like putting all their eggs in one basket. Hence I have always wondered about this subject of monogamy and why we humans struggle so much to remain faithful to one partner for life... Continue Reading →

They say a tortoise can tell you a lot about a road than a hare can, you know why? Because the tortoise takes its time to take in the view and appreciate the road ahead.They also say that if you get a tortoise now and put it in your will to pass it along for... Continue Reading →

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