Am not a cat person but I found myself loving these mysterious creatures when I first adopted my very own purr buddy  about five years ago. I must say, its been a wonderful journey ever since. I didn't think much about his medical needs for example vaccinations and deworming until he fell sick with the... Continue Reading →


A wise man once said, " those who play with cats, must expect to be scratched."  This statement reminds me of the first time I handled a cat at the KSPCA, Mombasa, keeping in mind that cats are very popular there. My supervisor at the time, Dr. Peter Gitau took me through all the steps... Continue Reading →

Kenyans are known for several things except celebrating animals. However, that is about to change after you see these pictures of Kenyans, who turned up in large numbers to celebrate World Animal Day in Dagoretti area. This special day was all about animals, people brought cats, dogs, donkeys, goats, sheep among other domestic animals to... Continue Reading →

It's around 9 o'clock in the pm and I've just sat down to catch the prime time news. Just before the well poised news anchor can say her name, I receive a text message on whatsapp.  "Who could that be?" I ask myself trying hard to ignore it, but curiosity gets the better part of... Continue Reading →

So you just moved out into your own space and thinking of getting a pet to cure the loneliness that comes with new spaces. What will determine your choice of the ideal pet is completely dependent on your preferences. Pets have been with us for centuries and even though our relationship was not as close,... Continue Reading →

I've heard people say that a fracture is one of the most painful conditions one can ever experience. I've never really experienced a fracture (nor do I wish to experience one) but I have experienced a patella subluxation and if there is a worse pain than that then I would rather go by other peoples... Continue Reading →

Did you know that on average a Kenyan drinks between 20-120 liters of milk per year? Milk is sold everywhere from supermarkets to kiosks. The Kenya Bureau of Standards plays a big role to ensure that the milk you consume is safe for you and me. This is because milk can be a source of... Continue Reading →

It was just a day after my pregnancy diagnosis (PD)  rotation ( If you've been following my blog posts then you know how I was initiated into that rotation) before I got a rash on my forearm. My colleague saw the weird rash on my arm and asked me what it was, I dismissed her... Continue Reading →

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