Paraphimosis the “embarrassing situation”

The first time I saw a dog with Paraphimosis I was attached at the KSPCA Mombasa, it was a German Shepard dog about 40kgs, very huge. It was on a Friday late in the afternoon, right about the time I was about to leave for home. Since it was a huge dog, the penis was not any different. The dog was in pain, it kept licking it’s now overly swollen penis that was no longer a shiny pink but a shade of purple with ulcerative areas.

Since the condition is an emergency, the doctor quickly sedated the dog and he asked me to prepare the area well i.e. clip the hairs around the penis (if only he could have seen my facial expressions while handling the penis he would have just given me an early friday). 
The doctor informed me that the particular dog was a customer! He was frequently brought in to see the vet because of the “embarrassing situation” only that this time round they had neglected the “situation” for too long it got swollen and infected.

 We managed to manipulate the penis back after reducing the edema with sugar and then cleaning it well and lubricating with K-Y jelly. We also put some stitches to make sure the penis stayed in place and gave the dog a shot of painkiller and antibiotic.

Paraphimosis refers to the dog’s inability to retract its penis back in to the sheath. It can be congenital as well as acquired where the hairs around the prepuce get sticky and prevent the penis from retracting. This condition is more common in intact males (they tend to hump everything) although it can affect castrated males too. Once the penis is out, blood flow is compromised and this leads to swelling and death of the surrounding tissue. It can also get traumatic injury while in extrusion. 

Paraphimosis is an emergency and not an embarrassment! See your nearest veterinarian as soon as possible. 



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