Things to Consider Before Getting a Pet. 

So you just moved out into your own space and thinking of getting a pet to cure the loneliness that comes with new spaces. What will determine your choice of the ideal pet is completely dependent on your preferences. Pets have been with us for centuries and even though our relationship was not as close, it has grown significantly in the recent years, mostly because we have realized how important it is to socialize with other animals. 

Most often you will find yourself having to make the choice between a dog and a cat and in case you are feeling adventurous you can go for exotic species such as chameleons, snakes or tortoises. So before you introduce a pet as a new member of your family, there are a few important considerations you should make. 

Owning a pet requires a lot of commitment and responsibility. If you don’t have time to walk, feed, groom or even socialize with your pet then you should reconsider getting a pet. However, all is not lost, you can always get a gold fish although even fish can die from depression. In addition to commitment you should also look at your floor space. Is your house big enough for a cat or a dog? Cats require little floor space, actually, they just require a crooked box in which they can do yoga in. 

Still on that floor space, your house should be pet friendly. You ought to be aware of poisonous substances to pets that should not be left lying around in the house. Moreover, if you are a smoker you should realize that your pet is at a high risk of smoke related cancers. 
Another important fact to consider is getting to know a veterinarian. Getting a pet comes with medical issues that can only be attended to by a vet, so knowing a vet is important especially in emergency situations. The vet will not only come in handy when your pet is sick but will also advice you on nutrition and proper care for your pet. Discuss with your veterinarian about sterilization options such as castrations and vasectomy if it’s a male and spay procedures for females and the pros and cons of each procedure. Your vet also provides vaccination and deworming services. 

Naming your pet might not seem important but trust me, it is. Your pet needs a name for identification. Veterinarians need a name for your pet’s medical file. The name can also be embedded on the collar together with your contacts just in case your pet got lost. I have heard people name their dogs the weirdest names but for me “shetani” was the most bizarre name I have ever heard. Microchip is the latest technology in identification. 
For exotic pets, there are certain rules and regulations as well as requirements that the Kenya Wildlife Services provide. 

So just because you stumbled upon a tortoise on your way home, does not mean it is legal to keep it, that’s basically kidnap. 


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