Transport of animals.

race horses on transit.

The transport of animals, whether by sea, land or air should be done in a manner that does not cause pain and suffering. Animals should not be overcrowded in a lorry, train or any other vessel used to transport them.  Just like humans, they do like to have their personal space. Therefore, animals that are overcrowded in a lorry end up fighting and causing injury to each other. If these were animals being transported to a slaughter house, the value of their meat decreases due to the bruising. A proper and efficient transport system is not only in accordance with the prevention of cruelty to animals act but also of great economic gains.

Animals in transit should be provided with fresh water and food as well as fresh air especially those traveling over long distance. Some animals such as horses and dogs do enjoy watching the shifting landscape and hence should be allowed to express this natural behavior, sometimes it helps with motion sickness which dogs get a lot. The transport system should provide shade from extreme harsh weather conditions such as rain.

Enough cushioning should be provided for example if the animal is recumbent (unable to stand) to prevent further injury. The vessel in which these animals are transported in, should have a smooth finishing to avoid traumatic wounds. Pregnant animals or animals that cannot withstand the stress involved in transport should only be allowed after consent by the veterinarian.

Loading and offloading of animals should be done in a manner that does not cause unnecessary pain or suffering.

Whether its poultry, pigs, goats, sheep, camels,cattle or wild animals, proper transport is essential to reduce stressing the animal. Remember that it is in accordance with the prevention of cruelty to animals acts. Furthermore, it reduces on veterinary costs.


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