Ten reasons why you should date a vet.

Dr. Adanna Elezua 

I personally think veterinarians make the best lovers, and here are some of the reasons why you should consider dating one.

  1. Veterinarians are good at reading body language, so the next time your partner fails to notice that you are hungry, ditch him and date a vet he/she will get you food.
  2. Vets have seen it all! Nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing can gross out a vet! Most of our patients have no sense of hygiene, talk about being peed on while injecting a drug or worse still is finding yourself on the receiving end of a projectile!
  3. Their sense of humor is out of this world. Only a group of vets can talk about lube and make it sound normal while laughing at other people’s reactions.
  4. Vets are good at multitasking. A veterinarian is a surgeon, anesthetist, radiologist, cardiologist, physician, pathologist… the list is endless.
  5. Vets are very strong, if you don’t believe me, ask any vet to restrain a bull for you.
  6. Scrubs are cuter on vets! Please refer to the picture above because there is no explanation for this.
  7. Vets are extremely patient, this comes from having to deal with very difficult patients.
  8. Vets are very good with children. Children are like puppies and puppies are like children. There is no vet who doesn’t like puppies, I mean children. See what I did there?
  9. As long as you date a vet, you can never go hungry, homeless or broke because vets are the masters of innovation.
  10. Finally, vets are doctors of all living creatures. We can cure human heart aches too.

If those few words don’t convince you, perhaps the picture will.



17 thoughts on “Ten reasons why you should date a vet.

  1. Dr. Alameen Ibraheem

    Yes. These ar truth.
    I hav alot of experience in Vet. to Vet. As spouse.
    I love a Vet woman and I am proudly veterinarian.

    I urge u marry a Vet.

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