Senior Citizens… Our Unspoken Heroes.

Please allow me to tell you the story of Jazmine, or as we like to call her, Jazz. Jazz was a young bitch just above a year old when she was brought into the University clinic for a simple spay procedure. The owners, two heavily built men clad in crispy black suits with black shades walked to the reception with Jazz waging her docked tail all over the place. You see, these mysteriously looking men had brought Jazz in for a spay because she was on heat, and nothing spells annoying than a bitch on heat (literally). The men, talked to the clinician who was in charge at the time and he explained to them the procedure and that Jazz would be ready to be discharged the following day. They paid for the surgery and handed Jazz to the clinician. Like all loyal dogs do when their owners leave them, she barked and whined before she was taken to the kennels. The mysteriously dressed men then got into their mysteriously black Benz and drove off.
The following morning, the scheduled spay was done and it was successful. Jazz was taken back to the kennels after recovering smoothly from anaesthesia. In the afternoon, the receptionist at the clinic routinely called the owners of Jazz to inform them that she was ready to go back home. However, the owners were unreachable and the soft spoken Safaricom lady on the other end of the line was like “samahani, mteja wa numbari unayopiga hapatikani kwa sasa”. The receiptionist just assumed the obvious and decided to try another time. She tried to call them several times that day but they were all unreachable.

Days turned to weeks, and weeks to months, It’s been 8 years now since Jazz was brought into the clinic by the mysterious looking men. Jazz is a beautiful brindle boerbel. The clinic decided to keep her for all these years in the hope that the owners would come back for her one day, but that’s the thing about hope, you never know when to give up. She has survived all these years because of her gentle nature. Jazz is just a sweet heart who loves attention. When you look at her face you can see the sadness in her eyes and you can tell she has been through some tough times.

This is a tribute to Jazmine, she has been helpful to our learning process. She is our unspoken hero, just ask any vet who went through her.


5 thoughts on “Senior Citizens… Our Unspoken Heroes.

  1. Bett

    Your bestest piece so far. The story runs deep and had I known of it , I would have taken enough photos with her today. Hats off to you and this is my tribute to Jazz.

    Liked by 1 person

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