Have you ever heard of a horse go broke because of betting on people? Neither have I. But there’s something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man, and that is a well groomed horse. Horses are wonderful creatures that require intricate attention with regard to their grooming. 1489594932103

Horse grooming is a process that involves hair clipping, coat brushing,  hoof cleaning and trimming as well as bathing, all done under proper restraint. Hair clipping is usually done on the face,  tail and at the bridle path. Clipping style varies with breed and region but basically the tail is clipped a few inches below the hock joint and the hair on the bridle path is completely trimmed to reduce injuries. 002ca49f727e3d29f4de100995d05476
Hoof trimming and cleaning is a very important aspect in horse grooming for various reasons. During this process, one can identify lameness and treat it  before it becomes a chronic condition.The process of hoof cleaning involves “picking out the feet”, which simply means removing dirt, mud or manure trapped in the foot, using a hoof picker. This prevents conditions such as thrush which can cause lameness.
Hoof trimming should be done as early as 4 weeks and as late as ten weeks. Failure to do so will result in overgrown hooves which will eventually cause lameness. In summary, hooves should be cleaned,  trimmed and rasped to level off and smoothen the margins.
Horse grooming is a great way for owners to bond with their horses and for horses to bond with their owners.

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