Nosocomial infections

A wise old woman once told  me,  “my daughter if you ever find yourself in the hospital, especially when you’re in labor and about to deliver, make sure to spend as little time in the hospital as possible, don’t allow yourself to be admitted unless you are in critical condition or need monitoring, if you are strong and able, take yourself and your child home. There’s no need to spend an extra minute in there.” I was patiently waiting for the reason as much as you are right about now. 

The hospital, as CNN put it a while back describing Kenya, is a “hotbed” for all kinds of microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, name it). There is no hospital that is 100% clear of microorganisms because while some are on the floor, others are in the air, on the desk etc.  

So picture yourself going to the hospital with a weak immune system because you have a cold or some condition of the sort, you get into the hospital get treated and you leave the hospital. A few hours later you start feeling feverish and you get symptoms of something else. That my friend, is most likely a Nosocomial infection (hospital acquired infection)  you contracted while at the hospital. 

Back to pregnancy and delivery. When you stay at the hospital you expose yourself and your child to nosocomial infections. You might leave the hospital and get sick a few days later or your child falls ill. In order to avoid this,  spend little time in the hospital, whether you are pregnant or just sick, besides the hospital is not a place to have human traffic.

 Remember also,  that superbugs (antimicrobial resistant microorganisms) reside there as well. Hygiene is key to keeping these infections down. Always wash your hands when you visit the hospital. Whether its a human or animal clinic, some microorganisms don’t know how to respect boundaries.


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