Rhodesian ridgeback/ African Lion Hound

Someone asked me what my favorite breed of dog is and I told him the Rhodesian ridgeback (also called African lion hound). This breed just gets me you know, ever since it attacked me and almost made me think twice about my career choice I have never been more fascinated. I mean, when a dog attacks, you get on your heels(literally) and run for your life; but not me. I don’t think myself as the fleeing type, nor the fighting type either, I tend to belong in the third category which is “freeze and soil your pants”,haha,  okay maybe I have exaggerated a little bit. 
Anyway back to the ridgeback, the reason why it’s called the Rhodesian ridgeback is because:

  1. Its originally from Rhodesia (Southern Africa).
  2. It has a ridge or rather “Mohawk” on it’s back, evident from the pictures.

This Mohawk  comes about due to the hair on the back growing in opposite directions.Its also called the African lion hound because it used to hunt for lions. I wouldn’t say its a friendly dog because it attacked me, but I guess not all of them are like that since I have interacted with some really fluffy and friendly ridgebacks. However, I would rate it as a very good guard dog.Its very territorial, protective and rarely barks (I guess that saying about barking dogs is true then).


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