Downside of a Vet. 

If you were terminally ill and couldn’t speak, would you allow your family to put you down or would you allow them to live in the hope that miracles happen? Every proffesion has its own ups and downs. 

As a veterinarian, my worst day is when I have to euthanize my patient because of reasons that make me feel that they deserved it. Old age and terminal illness are some of the most common reasons why a dog would be euthanized or as we call it “put to sleep” (P. T. S),  in food animals we usually recommend slaughter: this is only allowed in cases such as fractures and diseases that are not communicable or zoonotic to humans. Yet some ignorant people still slaughter an animal that died from Anthrax and sell the meat to unsuspecting individuals (but that’s a topic for another day) 

Student reassuring a patient during surgery.

“Euthanization” has always been a controversial topic. Its not an easy thing to do, but we do it either way. I doubt whether there’s  any veterinarian out there who enjoys it. Its a painful thing to see an animal in excruciating pain yet not be able to do anything to ease the pain. I also understand why some owners would rather keep their animal with them rather than have them euthanized. I would like to salute all passionate veterinarians out there. 


4 thoughts on “Downside of a Vet. 

  1. It is extremely sad and painful to end same life you have been struggling to save. Most times it is the only humane option you are left with. As a vet it is very frustrating especially when a client and patient figure you as last resort. Ending pain and suffering in itself is fulfilling enough. Both parties need to come to terms when it is time to say goodbye.


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