Occupational Hazards… Accidental Abortions.

“Girls, If you know you are pregnant, please don’t administer these drugs, and if you must,  then put on gloves.” My professor always told the class. Why you may ask?  Certain drugs can be absorbed through the skin and the effects can be detrimental especially if you are pregnant. 

 If you are a veterinarian,and a woman veterinarian at that,  then you know that some drugs used for estrus synchronization in cows can potentially cause abortions in humans and must be handled with care. 

Unfortunately though,  many pregnant girls are abusing these drugs to induce abortions. These girls get the drugs from the farmers or buy them illegally from the Agrovets. The mechanism of action of these drugs is similar when taken by humans. Please allow me to go abit into the details of how these drugs cause abortions in humans using one example, lutalyse. 

Lutalyse is a drug indicated to cause abortions, induce parturition and in treatment of Pyometra (pus in the uterus) in cows.  This drug acts by disintegrating the corpus luteum (which produces progesterone, the hormone that supports pregnancy). In short, without the corpus luteum, pregnancy will be terminated. 

Back to how this drug among other veterinary drugs is being abused. Girls who are seeking to induce abortions are illegally buying this drug or approaching unauthorized personnel to administer these drugs to them so as to induce abortion. 

Are there side effects? There are very many side effects such as :

  • excessive bleeding
  • Uterine infections 
  • Breathing problems 
  • Hormonal imbalance 

    The hormones can mess up the entire cycle and cause reproductive problems. Veterinarians and all parties should work together to prevent abuse of these drugs and others. 


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