Occupational Hazards… Life of a Vet. 

It was just a day after my pregnancy diagnosis (PD)  rotation ( If you’ve been following my blog posts then you know how I was initiated into that rotation) before I got a rash on my forearm. My colleague saw the weird rash on my arm and asked me what it was, I dismissed her with a “I think its an insect bite, a spider maybe. ”

Two days later,  the rash was growing very fast and spreading,  and boy was it itchy! I tried applying some vaseline in the hope that it would stop, but my efforts were as useless as (please insert something that you think is useless, cause you know what they say about one mans meat). 

Anyway,  back to the rash. I noticed it was getting a round outline like a ring and by this time it was so obvious to everyone else what it was apart from me, or was I indenial? After a week of wondering what it was, my boyfriend just blurted out to me what I had been fearing. Thats when he told me that kids in the village are prone to ringworms because they interact very much with cows. Then I remembered that it started after my rotation with cows. I wondered though what made me the most susceptible to the fungal infection.  I looked at my group members and they all came from a cow interactive childhood except me and had at one point experienced it.

So finally I seeked a professional for diagnoses and treatment. And was given antifungal cream. 

Ringworm or otherwise known as Dermatophytosis is a fungal disease of zoonotic importance.  One can contact the fungus through contact with infected animals (dogs,  cats,  cows etc). Anyone who maintains close contact with animals is at a higher risk of contacting the disease. 

Well,  if you’re like most people am sure you’re wondering whether the cream worked? I think the fungus mutated because it keeps clearing up and reemerging at the same spot. 


13 thoughts on “Occupational Hazards… Life of a Vet. 

  1. Musau Fred

    thank u for the info..unfortunately i was a victim of the same for two weeks.my left arm was itchy n scally.but that resolved after a while.


  2. First thing I thought: Ringworm. Looks exactly like the one I had when I was working in a cattery. If you put the cream and a bandaid over, your chances of spreading it will be small. And don’t itch! Best of luck !


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