Xrays… The Basics in Animals.

Kenya being a developing country, majority of its citizens barely know anything about xray in animals.There are a number of veterinary clinics in the country but very few offer xray facilities, so where do you take your dog or cat for xray?

The University of Nairobi, Upper Kabete campus (Cavs veterinary clinic) offers that service to clients and is a referral to most xray cases in Nairobi and its environs. 

Xray is a diagnostic tool that your veterinary doctor might suggest if they suspect a fracture,foreign bodies, tumours, or internal injuries for confirmatory purposes. Although it is most commonly used for bone imaging, breeders also use xray to determine hip score.

Dogs are usually sedated prior to the procedure because the technique requires that the animal is still, otherwise the xray image will be blurry. Other animals such as cows, goats, horses e.t.c. can also undergo xray.The cost depends on various factors such as how many images need to be taken and the amount of sedation required among others.

In conclusion, Xray is an important veterinary diagnostic technique. However, just like it is harmful in humans, it is also harmful in animals and long exposures are discouraged as it infringes on animal welfare.


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