The Kenyan Cat Lady…and Abortions.

The wise men once said, scratch that, the wise women once said:
“she who loves cats, must be ready to get scratched!”

I have never liked cats, infact nobody in our family likes cats. Even my dogs don’t like cats, yet I still have a cat and I have scratch marks to proove it. When I was adopting my cat, I gave it a name I recall very well… nowadays though we just call it “puss” why? Simple, you can’t give a cat a name. Cats have servants, not masters. Any cat owner knows this.

I wonder though, why so many women love cats. I mean, cats are not loyal, forget to feed them once and they’ve moved in with the neighbour. Cats don’t like to be touched, unless they give you permission. They stay out late and only come in when they want a place to sleep and food. So why again do ladies love cats? Oh wait, women are complicated and so are cats, that makes all sense.

Onto more serious matters, did you know cats can transmit a parasite called Toxoplasma gondii through their faeces? This is especially so in cats that feed on rodents and hunt for food. Toxoplasma is important in women because it can cause abortions. Women should therefore be very careful when emptying litter boxes so as not to come into contact with the parasite more so women who are not exposed to this parasite. Pregnant women need to take care, especially those who have cats. 


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