War, Drought and Famine

As I was scrolling down my facebook page I saw a picture that captured my attention, and trust me, I have the attention span of a goldfish. It was a picture captured in the Northern part of Kenya of a man pouring water into a metallic bowl. In the picture is a mother warthog drinking the water from the bowl, am calling her mother warthog because in the background are two baby warthogs running towards the bowl. The surroundings are made up of dry shrubs and the soil is red and dusty. 
This picture captivated me because currently there’s a dry spell in many parts of the country. Secondly, I asked myself why the man was providing water for the wild hogs and not saving it up for himself, his family or his neighbours. It was perplexing to say the least because the man had nothing to gain from providing those hogs with water.

 But then again, humanity is not only shown through giving aid to fellow humans but also to animals. Sometimes we forget that in times of disaster animals are also affected. Disaster management programs for human should be parallel to that of animals. 

Think about it, a fire breaks out in a building, all the people are safe and sound, what next? Do we think about valuables or do we think about the possibility of animals being trapped in the fire?

Back to the drought and starvation, a woman being interviewed by BBC recently said,

“the worst way to die is through starvation.”

Another picture surfaced of a woman and her 18 month old son from Yemen so malnurished you would think that the picture was taken from somewhere in Africa. Don’t get me wrong but the worst pictures of starvation have come from this continent.

So I asked myself why Yemen was experiencing starvation. Well, there has been war for close to two years now. And do you know what war does to a country? First of all, all the entry ports to the country are blocked so no aid can come into the country. Secondly, most of the aid organisations have fled the war torn country. The implications of war are so many, we cant exhaust all of them here.

Finally, I know Kenyans are aware of the elections coming next year. Please lets be wise and lets maintain peace.


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