Orphaned Animals.

Have you ever thought about what happens when animals get orphaned? I can bet that you’ve never even once thought about it. Yes you are an animal lover and perhaps own a few cats, a dog perhaps? Have you ever thought about what would happen if you died? Does your partner love your pets as much as you do? 

Allow me to tell you a story of a white Swedish man who loved his cat very much. The man had travelled the world with his cat for 19 years until he decided to settle in the small coastal town of Mombasa, where he found a beautiful young coastal woman whom he married.

The man together with his wife would take their cat to the vet on the regular. Unfortunately for the cat, it was diagnosed with a tumour. As if that was not bad enought the man also fell ill and passed… Leaving the cat with his ‘kind-hearted’ wife.

The vet was a good friend of the couple and after the burial, on one of his house calls, he decided to visit the home and check on his patient. Alas! the house was long empty! 

On enquiring the whereabouts of the wife, he was told she sold the house and left. Furthermore she had abandoned the cat on the premises. Poor cat!

The vet did the only good thing he could and adopted the cat out of respect he had for the old man.

I found the cat in his house and there was always this sad look in the cats eyes, in his meaow. Actually everyone who saw the cat always took pity on it. A 19 year old cat abandoned by the only woman who was family.

There’s a quote that says something about a mans character can be judged based on how he treats animals. If someone lacks that kind of heart towards a helpless animal, what about a fellow human being? 

I don’t care who you are, if my dog or cat doesn’t like you chances are, neither will I. Animals can sniff out bullshit. 

Finally, if one cannot adopt an orphaned animal please take it to the KSPCA.

 The KSPCA paybill number is 891300 Account number is KSPCA. 


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