Changing times for the Kenyan Vet…

Once upon a very long time ago,when Kenyans were still naive, the Kenyan vet was famously known for treating domestic food animals. The cow, goat, sheep, pig were his/her common patients. Horses were very few and only for the rich and camels were rare.

Then came a time when companion animals (the dog and the cat) started becoming common for the Kenyan vet. And the transition began from food animals to companion animals as people began treasuring their dogs and cats. The vet had to shift their attention yet again.

Many years later, kenyans are getting weirder by the day. The vet is being called to treat animals they never knew they would treat based on the practical education they were taught in school, but thank goodness the system teaches something about everything.

Some of the new pets in the market include

  1. Cockateils
  2. Parrots
  3. Tortoises
  4. Terrapin
  5. Peacocks
  6. Chameleons
  7. Hamsters
  8. Snakes

The list keeps expanding day by day and so does the vets knowldge.


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