Whether we like it or not, its the age of the selfie. People are taking selfies everywhere, in the workplace, at the dinner table,washrooms, in funerals etc. There has been alot of debate, however, about certain professions taking selfies and more so surgeons in theatre.

The reason why selfies taken in theatre have caused such an uproar is because the patient is under general amaesthesia and is hence unconscious. Now, the surgeon has no right to take a selfie where the unconscious patient is present unless the patient agreed to it, otherwise the patient can sue the surgeon and the institution for infringing on his/her privacy.

That’s about human surgeons, what about veterinary surgeons? 

First of all, the animal being operated on has an owner so if one wishes to take a selfie or any picture of the animal the veterinary surgeon must seek permission from the owner of the animal. 

Its not rocket science, its common courtesy. 


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