Adopt don’t Shop… Vet diaries. 

Its 2 o’clock in the morning and am sitting at a very uncomfortable chair somewhere in Westlands.It’s my birthday and my friends insisted we go out. Being the sober one, the music starts to sound loud and annoying. I am getting nauseated by the musky mixture of sweat and shisha hovering in the club so I decide to get out of the club to breathe in some fresh saturday morning air.

Outside the club its even worse,all the smokers are there. I look around and decide to move a few metres away from the crowd to have some alone time and fresh air.As soon as I start inhaling a man walks upto to me in a black leather jacket, his hand inside the jacket. I freeze,,, this guy is a robber! He probably has a gun inside that jacket. I start regretting why I left the club in the first place. Hope, what’s wrong with you? Why do you have to be so antisocial? Oh my God!

As if he could see the panic on my face, the man removes his hand from the jacket and in his hand is the prettiest little puppy I have ever laid my eyes on.So I ask the guy if I can hold it and he hands me the puppy.

“Ni thao tano tu” he says handing me the puppy.

“Ati!?Unauza?” confused I ask.

“Bei ya kuongea sista, ambia chali yako akununulie, si ni kazuri?” the man blurts out.

The puppy was trembling and terrified but it was not barking. The man then signalled other two men to bring some more samples just incase the one I was holding did not tickle my fancy. There were now four puppies all looking terrified and trembling harder than I was struggling to stand still on my heels.

“madam, chagua tuongee bei,hawa ni purebreed, fully vaccinated” the guy said.

I wanted to see how low this guy would sell the puppy so I said,

“sina thao tano, nimebakisha pesa ya taxi”

“leta thao tatu basi”

“aki sina”

“thao mbili”

I pretended to be in a hurry and returned the puppy back to him. 

“madam leta 1500 basi”

I walked away to the club where my friends were, feeling sorry for the puppies. 

Later on when we were leaving the club the same guy walked upto me and said

“madam, leta thao ama ata soo tano nitakuachia”

I was shocked,only Ksh.500 for the puppy? The puppy that has endured hours of loud music, shisha and extreme cold! 

This is definitely not fair to the animals. We should discourage these crude guys from selling puppies. Please do not buy these puppies that are paraded at the nightclubs because it will be encouraging these men to continue with the cycle.

Instead, if you must, you can adopt a cute puppy at the KSPCA. Its our duty to uphold animal welfare and animal rights.


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