The Annual Dog Show

I recently had a chance to attend the annual dog show in Diani, South of the Kenyan Coast. This is a charity event that aims at raising funds to support the KSPCA (Kenya Society for the Protection and Care of Animals). 

The turn out was quite huge I must say. I didn’t know the dog loving community was that large here at the Coast.We had so many different breeds of dogs, Rottweilers, Jack Russels, German shepherds, Weimaraner, Poodles, Chihuahua…you name it.Although the most loved breed judging from the number of people who had them was the Golden Retriever. 

The entrance was just Ksh.100 which was also a ruffle ticket, so that gave you the chance to win goodies as well. The dogs were competing for various titles as listed below.

  • Best Sausage catcher.
  • Best large breed
  • Best small breed
  • Best puppy
  • Best Rescue dog.

Although the most interesting category was the dog that most resembled the owner.

I had fun, the music was nice,the crowd entertaining and the dogs sure did know how to behave. Am definitely going to attend the next dog show.  


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