Cat lovers, of all pet owners, are known to have the most outrageous demands when it comes to their purring companions. This time however, the internet is shaming cat owners who are applying human polish on their feline nails. You might think that they have a good reason to do this except that the only … Continue reading Purrdicure


Who Murdered my Neighbors Chicken. 

Someone or something is killing my neighbors chicken. We keep waking up to dead chicken in our compound and it's starting to bother me just as much as my neighbors are complaining. You see my neighbors are from the Luhya tribe (explains why they have chicken)  and they keep free range chicken in their backyard. … Continue reading Who Murdered my Neighbors Chicken. 


Kenya Animal Welfare Advocacy Network (KAWAN)  which is a club that promotes animal welfare in the country held their animal grooming day at the KSPCA Nairobi grounds on the 9th of September. They also gathered support from the Donkey sanctuary on donkey welfare issues and activities. The students from the University of Nairobi carried out various activities as listed in the pictorial … Continue reading KAWAN ANIMAL GROOMING DAY AT KSPCA

The Plastic Menace in Kenya

Only a few days left till the official ban on the use of plastic bags begins and the unpredictable rains are here and we all know how Nairobi women love to use those black plastic bags to cover their "fresh from the salon" hair. It had not hit me yet that the ban was serious until … Continue reading The Plastic Menace in Kenya

Dengue Fever 

There’s a fever in town and papaya leaves are in trouble! This fever has no known cure or vaccine (typical of viral diseases), however studies done show that papaya leaves can be used to treat it. If a person is bitten by an infected mosquito, it takes about one to two weeks for symptoms to develop. … Continue reading Dengue Fever 

Paraphimosis the “embarrassing situation”

The first time I saw a dog with Paraphimosis I was attached at the KSPCA Mombasa, it was a German Shepard dog about 40kgs, very huge. It was on a Friday late in the afternoon, right about the time I was about to leave for home. Since it was a huge dog, the penis was not any different. … Continue reading Paraphimosis the “embarrassing situation”