Ostrich Farming

There are two main types of ostrich subspecies found in Kenya. The Somali or blue neck (blue legs) ostrich and the Maasai or red neck (red legs) ostrich.


Quackery Menace

I recently saw a post on facebook where a guy had posted pictures of his feline friend that had just undergone a successful ovariohysterectomy, more commonly known as a spay. Some members of the group however, were not so comfortable seeing the bloody pictures but I don't blame them at all. What struck me as …

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Tick-Bite Paralysis in Dogs

One of the most devastating conditions you can ever watch your fur friend go through is paralysis; which may be mild or severe depending on the underlying cause. The most common form of paralysis in dogs, however, is paraplegia which is basically when your dog is unable to move its hind limbs. Other forms of …

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